Knowledge by the Numbers: Why Fall just might have Spring beat

As we are enjoying the warm summer months, we are also inching closer to the fall market and are now sitting down with homeowners who are beginning to think about selling their homes.  Often, these sellers hesitate and wonder “Just how strong is the fall market?” and “Should we just wait until the spring?”.   

We hear these concerns often but for many, the fall market is actually an ideal time to sell in Boston. The reality is that the Boston market is flooded with more than enough buyers (demand) to cycle through the inventory (supply) each selling season (spring/fall).  Savvy sellers are able capitalize on this as open houses and showings tend to have comparable, if not more, attendance. The fall 2018 market actually had nearly 30% more sold listings than the spring 2019 market.

Spring 2019

Back Bay, South End, and the Seaport

Number of Listings:  142

Fall 2018

Back Bay, South End, and the Seaport

Number of Listings: 208

While we wouldn’t recommend listing your home the week of Thanksgiving, with a comprehensive marketing plan and diligent efforts you can achieve the same outcome in the fall market as you can in the notoriously busy spring market. 

If you are considering selling your house next spring, let’s have a discussion about how we can leverage your home this fall to achieve a higher selling price.